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Market movers

Global markets are in freefall as challenges build.

Volatility is king: Markets brace for more turbulence amid meltdown

Global sharemarkets have been a sea of red as the era of cheap money comes to a screeching halt. And investors predict more uncertainty is on the horizon.

  • by Clancy Yeates



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Or not... the takeover of Link by Canada’s Dye & Durham looks to be in serious trouble.

$3bn deal hits another roadblock as Canadian giant reviews Link offer

A blockbuster takeover, which would see the bulk of property transactions in Australia go through one mega company, looks to be on the ropes.

  • by Sarah Danckert
Bubs Australia chief executive and founder Kristy Carr.

‘Significantly accelerated’: Bubs Australia upgrades guidance

The listed infant formula expects its full year earnings and revenue to be double its initial forecasts, as US deals deliver windfall.

  • by Jessica Yun

Opinion & Perspectives

Wall Street’s implosion is terrible news for Biden - and it’s going to get worse

After months of dithering, Fed chair Jerome Powell appears ever more serious about reining in inflation. Joe Biden’s re-election hopes could be caught in the crossfire.

Jeremy Warner

Am I thin-skinned, or is my colleague’s nagging getting nasty?

A good manager knows how hard constructive criticism is to give, but they need to give it. Your co-worker needs to be told they’re doing a poor job passing judgment on your work.

Jonathan Rivett

Our energy crisis has been a decade in the making. Don’t expect a quick solution

The chaos and dysfunction in the national electricity market this week flows from the collision of a number of unexpected events with long-term vulnerabilities.

Stephen Bartholomeusz
Stephen Bartholomeusz

Senior business columnist

Banking & finance



Hilary Allen

Ticking crypto time bomb could spark another financial crisis

Decentralised finance, also known as DeFi, is being touted as a better option to existing stuffy financial services. But it’s rife with unregulated middlemen.

  • by Dominic Powell
“I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” In the 1968 sci-fi classic 2001: <i>A Space Odyssey</i>, a computer called HAL (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic) takes over a spaceship.

‘Orphaned inventions’: Life-saving AI discoveries trapped in legal black hole

The law insists inventors have to be human. But that means we’re missing out on groundbreaking medicine and technology developed by AI.

  • by Angus Dalton

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