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A woman protests against the Rwanda deportation flight at Boscombe Down Air Base in Wiltshire, England this week.

Dumping asylum seekers in old killing fields: an Australian original

As Britain continues its plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, remember that Australia spent millions attempting to send its unwanted refugees to Cambodia.

  • by Tony Wright


Bailey Smith.

I love you Bailey Smith but not the double standards

Why do men behaving badly get second chances while women in similar circumstances get piled on?

  • by Kate Halfpenny
Andrew Redmayne became a household name thanks to his penalty shootout heroics against Peru.

What reaction to Redmayne’s antics says about good old Aussie bottle

It’s always fun to observe the double, triple and quadruple standards of Australians when it comes to sportsmanship. The rest of the world wasn’t impressed.

  • by Malcolm Knox
The Blues-Brumbies clashes had plenty of spite this season.

The pros and cons of Rugby Australia walking away from New Zealand

Threats of a trans-Tasman schism are nothing new but there are points on both sides as Australia again considers going its own way.

  • by Paul Cully
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Turn with caution: Potholes ahead as PM tries to round climate corner

The government claims the climate wars are over. But that’s misplaced optimism, especially with the nation gripped by a climate crisis that will be exploited by the opposition.

  • by Michelle Grattan
Fed chair’s Jerome Powell belated determination to rein in inflation will   damage Joe Biden’s re-election prospects.

Wall Street’s implosion is terrible news for Biden - and it’s going to get worse

After months of dithering, Fed chair Jerome Powell appears ever more serious about reining in inflation. Joe Biden’s re-election hopes could be caught in the crossfire.

  • by Jeremy Warner
Max King played a starring role for the Saints in their win over the Dockers.
AFL 2022

What Max King needs to do to terrify defenders

If I was Max, I’d be getting straight on the phone with the man who gave him his No.12, Nick Riewoldt.

  • by Wayne Carey
Jake Trbojevic is poised to be recalled to the NSW team for Origin II.

Why Jake Trbojevic is poised for Origin II recall for NSW

When Brad Fittler took over in 2018, he picked players based on character as much as ability. Subsequently, the Manly enforcer was the first picked. And he’s what the Blues need now.

  • by Andrew Webster
The fallout from Mike Cannon-Brookes’ AGL raid continues

Energy crunch an unexpected boon for Mike Cannon-Brookes

How the crusading anti-fossil fuel billionaire tech bro could win out from Australia’s energy crunch. Plus, a new face at League HQ.

  • by Kishor Napier-Raman and Noel Towell
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Albanese did not create the energy crisis, but he will have to fix it

The Labor government is electrified at the prospect of two terms in power. But if they can’t keep the lights on, an early outage could be sparked.

  • by David Crowe
Perrottet thinks Andrews is a great guy. Andrew says Perrottet is a good bloke.

‘Interstate bromance’: How Dom and Dan became Australia’s power pairing

The alliance between “good bloke” Dominic Perrottet and “great guy” Daniel Andrews has the makings of a significant political partnership.

  • by Jordan Baker
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will tell the states the debt-ridden Commonwealth and is no cash cow.

Power and inflation crises work for the new government but for how long?

The Albanese government will have its work cut out resolving some major problems inherited from the Coalition.

  • by Waleed Aly
Sony blockbusters like Ghost of Tsushima will be on PlayStation Plus, but new games it releases won’t join the service right away.
Video games

Game subscriptions heat up as PlayStation joins the race

Sony is joining Microsoft in the subscription video game race, as everyone from Samsung to Netflix looks to capitalise on games’ increasing popularity.

  • by Tim Biggs
ETF investors need to be aware of potentially complex tax liabilities.

Am I thin-skinned, or is my colleague’s nagging getting nasty?

A good manager knows how hard constructive criticism is to give, but they need to give it. Your co-worker needs to be told they’re doing a poor job passing judgment on your work.

  • by Jonathan Rivett
LPE said the surging wholesale electricity price was the reason why it could not compete against rivals

Energy companies are holding all Australians to ransom

This is what happens when essential services like gas and electricity are handed over by governments to private businesses that are only interested in maximising profits.

Column 8 granny dinkus
Column 8

When you can’t give away pints of the good stuff

Punning to save your life.

Newcastle captain Kalyn Ponga has played in a side decimated by injuries.
NRL 2022

Why are the Knights rusting away in Steel City?

Adam O’Brien is confident the Knights can eventually resolve issues that have been ingrained for “close to two decades”.

  • by Caden Helmers
Adelaide-based Santos is one of Australia’s largest oil and gas companies.

Energy crisis worsened by the Coalition’s decade of empty spin

Once there is an energy plan rather than just silly slogans, the pieces of this puzzle will fall into place.

  • The Herald's View
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 03: Bailey Smith is seen after being reported for head butting during the 2022 AFL Round 12 match between the Western Bulldogs and the Geelong Cats at Marvel Stadium on June 03, 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

Smith’s drug revelations were less of a surprise than what came next

Bailey Smith’s drug-taking isn’t model behaviour, but his actions that followed sent a positive message to his many young followers.

  • by Marnie Vinall
Early childhood education in NSW and Victoria is about to get an enormous boost.

I’m ecstatic about early education plans, but can the politicians deliver?

The early education sector in NSW and Victoria looks set for a magnificent boost. But to make these exciting plans a reality, the politicians need to confront some uncomfortable truths.

  • by Lisa Bryant
The current federal election campaign has highlighted the priority many Australians give to actions on climate change, helping Cannon-Brookes’ bid to win shareholder support.

Our energy crisis has been a decade in the making. Don’t expect a quick solution

The chaos and dysfunction in the national electricity market this week flows from the collision of a number of unexpected events with long-term vulnerabilities.

  • by Stephen Bartholomeusz
Amro el Halabio, 7, holds a picture of his father, Mohammed, who was the Gaza director of the international charity World Vision, now found guilty of diverting sums to Hamas that exceed its total budget,

Guilty verdict against World Vision hero is a travesty of justice

The verdict overnight announces the demise of the rule of law in Israeli courts.

  • by Tim Costello and Conny Lenneberg
Fed chair Jerome Powell as he explained his central bank’s massive rate hike on Wednesday.

World’s central banks got it wrong, and economies pay the price

Even after central banks recognised they got their inflation calls wrong last year, they’ve continued to flub their policy guidance, roiling markets and threatening greater damage to their credibility.

  • by Enda Curran
The very technology we thought would bring us all together has fostered fragmentation and pervasive mistrust.

The hands-off tech era is over

It’s clear more than ever that governments will no longer leave technology alone. Will that slow down innovation?

  • by Shira Ovide
Josh Addo-Carr.
NRL 2022

NRL round 15 previews: Experts analyse the head-to-head match-ups

A chance for a surprise packet to test themselves against a competition benchmark and a match that will go a long way to deciding the wooden spoon. Here’s how we see Round 15.

YouTube song reactions.

I’m hooked on YouTube reaction videos. Why are they so addictive?

It’s never long before I’m dabbing my eyes, feeling slightly dirty to be spying on someone’s sorrow, but also feeling connected to people I’ve never known.

  • by Anson Cameron
Collingwood’s Nick Daicos and North Melbourne’s Jason Horne-Francis.
AFL 2022

Easy Rider and Raging Bull: The different worlds of Daicos and Horne-Francis

When Nick Daicos and Jason Horne-Francis were drafted last November, it seemed apparent that Daicos would be lumbered with the heavier burden.

  • by Jake Niall
Nathan Cleary will have a point to prove in Origin II in Perth on June 26.
Immortal Kombat
NRL 2022

Andrew Johns: What Nathan Cleary must do in Origin II

The Penrith halfback has been unfairly criticised following NSW’s loss in Origin I.

  • by Andrew Johns
A person casts their vote at a polling booth on May 21.

Australia’s two-party system besieged, if not broken, by election

The fall in major party support seems an inexorable feature of the 21st century Australian political landscape.

  • by Paul Strangio
NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet (left) and NSW Treasurer Matt Kean.
NSW budget

Ambition confronts its limitations as Perrottet and Kean strive to put their stamp on NSW

Next Tuesday’s budget will be framed by the big goals of the Premier and the Treasurer - and by some hard realities that constrain them.

  • by Alexandra Smith
Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull discussed asylum seeker policy in 2017.

Australia’s descent into cruelty inspires other nations

Even with a new government, Australia is still implementing ‘appalling’ asylum seeker policies. And now other nations are borrowing from our playbook.

  • by Osman Faruqi
Synergy’s Muja coal-fired power staton in Collie WA June 2022.

There’s no achievable national climate target without WA action – ending Collie coal is just the start

Will closing Collie’s coal-fired power stations be enough for WA to meet its emission reduction obligations? Not even close.

  • by Brad Pettitt
An alliance of residents, local businesses, and environmentalists have failed to stop Santos’ coal seam gas plans in New South Wales.

Minister, we have enough gasfields so stop the excuses

Our energy crisis is not because we don’t have gas, it’s because the energy giants are allowed to sell too much of it offshore.

In the Herald

In the Herald: June 16, 1888

Supper for the fallen, rabbit extermination, and railway to the city.

  • by Lyn Maccallum
Column 8 granny dinkus
Column 8

Medal of the middle order

It’s an honour, Kersi.

After years of slow failure in plain sight, the Australian energy system has hit the wall.

Energy crisis: A crash we all saw coming but did nothing to stop

The market suspension is about more than cold weather and power station maintenance. It is about a disgraceful failure in Australian politics.

  • by David Crowe
Supermarket staff have complained of cuts to their hours as spending returns to normal.

Minimum wage rise protects low earners from inflation spike

The Herald backs the Fair Work Commission’s decision to raise the minimum wage. As inflation bites, this is an important financial boost for low-income workers.

  • The Herald's View
Breakout season: Jai Newcombe.
AFL 2022

AFL mid-season report: Hawks take flight, Kangaroos flop, and the Lions roar

It’s the halfway mark of the 2022 AFL season, and time for a report card on just how your club is faring.

  • by Jon Pierik, Andrew Wu, Lachlan Abbott, Peter Ryan and Damien Ractliffe
Warne, Freeman, Redmayne, Aloisi, Jesalenko

Redmayne’s stupendous save joins Australia’s list of Capital Moments

The Socceroo goalkeeper has joined the pantheon of athletes who have provided us with “where were you?” moments.

  • by Peter FitzSimons
Consumers are walking away from spending.

Confidence crash: Terrified consumers shut their wallets and fear for the future

We are now at the point where measuring confidence feels like a misnomer - we should replace it with a fear metric.

  • by Elizabeth Knight
ACTU secretary Sally McManus said there were underlying problems with wage growth not related to the inflation spike.

Yes, minimum wage rises can hurt jobs, but not this one

The only path to sustainable real wages growth is a sustained improvement in the productivity of our workforce.

  • by Jessica Irvine
Lizzo vowed to re-release a song after disability advocates complained about a term in the lyrics.

Pop star Lizzo owned her mistake - and won my respect

The inclusion of a hurtful insult in the lyrics of her latest single upset many of Lizzo’s disabled fans, including me, but what she did next was impressive.

  • by Laura Pettenuzzo

The threat of Europe breaking apart is rising as old ghosts emerge

Remember Grexit and Quitaly? The prospect of Italy and Greece exiting the EU has returned as the European Central Bank ramps up the fight against inflation.

  • by Stephen Bartholomeusz
SYDNEY, NSW - NOVEMBER 16:  John Aloisi of the Socceroos celebrates scoring the winning goal in the penalty shootout during the second leg of the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifying match between Australia and Uruguay at Telstra Stadium November 16, 2005 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** John Aloisi

The Socceroos win took me back to my penalty kick in 2005

It was far more nerve-racking watching a penalty shootout as a fan than participating in one as a player.

  • by John Aloisi
While working as a parent is the hardest job in the world, Kerri Sackville wouldn’t change a thing.

The way we work has changed, and so have our expectations

COVID-19 has changed the way we work; mostly for the better. However, flexibility and working from home is a double-edged sword, particularly for those just starting out in the workforce.

  • by John Collett
Queensland Reds coach Brad Thorn has endured a tough campaign since his side snapped the Brumbies’ unbeaten start to the Super Rugby season.

Thorn and his side face tough task to get back to top of Super Rugby heap

Almost as soon as he revealed his ambitions to take charge of the Wallabies via this column, things began to go wrong for Queensland Reds coach Brad Thorn.

  • by Wayne Smith
Bitcoin has lost more than half its value this year.

The crypto crash is a wake-up call for the deluded

Cryptocurrency was meant to replace our giant financial institutions. But if a couple of companies have the power to crash the entire market, it doesn’t look so safe after all.

  • by James Titcomb
US President Joe Biden has given his personal tick of approval for Bubs Australia, the baby formula maker from Dwon Under.

Biden-approved: Should you invest in baby formula maker Bubs Australia?

Infant formula maker Bubs Australia has seen its share price soar since revealing a landmark US distribution deal, but does that make it a good investment?

  • by Jessica Yun
The war in Ukraine has sparked a shortage of wheat, pushing up food prices.

Five ways to help your share portfolio beat market carnage, inflation

While rising prices are bad for many investments, there are some – such as energy and agriculture stocks – that analysts expect to do well over the next two years.

  • by John Collett
ALP national president Wayne Swan, with Treasurer Jim Chalmers, is raising money for the party.

Swan rattles the can for Labor

Labor’s national president is begging true believers for cash, as the party tries to firm up its coffers post-election.

  • by Kishor Napier-Raman and Noel Towell