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Western Australia

Gokhan Can died after being stabbed at the Yongah Hill detention centre at about midnight.

Turkish national killed in Yongah Hill detention centre stabbing

Gokhan Can, 32, died after being stabbed in his sleep on Wednesday night. The WA Police riot squad were deployed on Thursday morning after a fire was started after the stabbing.

  • by Heather McNeill


The Collgar wind farm near Merredin...TBC

WA’s challenge to keep the lights on with more solar and less coal

The Australian Energy Market Operator’s annual review of the power system serving WA’s populous south-west predicted a need for new generation from 2025 and more than 300 megawatts by 2031.

  • by Peter Milne
WA Police bikes may fall foul of the old laws.
WA Parliament

Archaic WA rule that cops don’t even follow blocks special bicycle orders for NDIS claims

The width restriction is mostly unknown and rarely adhered to by cyclists and retailers but the regulations means the NDIS does not cover special bicycles needed by claimants.

  • by Hamish Hastie

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