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Australian manufacturers are warning the federal government is failing to deliver on its promise of a ‘gas-fired’ recovery from COVID-19.

Fracking, coal seam gas ‘not legal any time soon’, Andrews insists

The Victorian premier hit back at Federal Resources Minister Madeleine King’s suggestion that the state’s ban on fracking was a barrier to fixing the energy crisis.

  • by Josh Gordon


The border change was being made “well ahead of the Christmas period”, Dominic Perrottet and Daniel Andrews said in a joint press release.

Stuff the federation: Dom and Dan’s unlikely bromance

On paper, it would seem unworkable. Daniel Andrews is a progressive premier from Labor’s Socialist Left faction and Perrottet, a conservative Catholic from the Liberal party’s right. But their desire to be bold political reformers trumps rigid ideology.

  • by Annika Smethurst
Goodstart Melbourne centre manager Ashlea McDonald is worried about staffing levels.

Staff shortages threaten Andrews’ $9bn preschool overhaul

Workforce issues could hamper the state government from getting its early learning reforms off the ground.

  • by Cara Waters, Adam Carey, Matilda Finn and Marta Pascual Juanola

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